Achieve what you want in your life and career...

Experienced, effective support for those challenging transitions we all face.

Hello, I'm Nick Harris, the founder of Career Discovery. At Career Discovery we specialise in supporting people to achieve what they want through career, life and relationship coaching. We take pride in supporting people through those challenging transitions that we all face at times in our lives.

Career Discovery helps individuals to maximise their personal and professional performance and realise their true potential. We assist clients in gaining clarity so that they can overcome the challenges in their lives and move with boldness and confidence towards what they really want.

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Effective coaching with Nick Harris

Discovering and developing a great career with executive coaching

Feeling at a crossroads or seeking direction? Take control of your career and build confidence to land the role and achieve the success that you have always dreamt about!

Career & Executive Coaching

Creating a more fulfilling life with life coaching

Benefit from support through changes and challenges as we explore what's important to you and how you can achieve the fulfilment that you want.

Life Coaching

Finding your way with relationship coaching

Many people feel dissatisfaction about not being able to effectively communicate with others. Our coaching can help you empower your interactions and take control of relationships.

Relationship Coaching

Watch Nick talk about how he coaches

Nick is interviewed by a BBC journalist in a live virtual event during which he talks about his unique style of psychologically informed coaching and how he works with clients to support them in achieving the outcomes and fulfilment that they want.

How I work

I offer a full 45 minute complimentary coaching session by phone for you to discuss your requirements. This will allow you to get a flavour of the coaching and decide if it's right for you, with no obligation or up front fees.

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How I work