Jenni Hircock’s story

Senior HR Partner

"Thank you so much for the support and guidance you have given me. This has been of enormous benefit to me in moving forward.

Valuable advice and guidance

Nick has been an inspiration for me in terms of enabling me to speak frankly about my issues without fear of criticism and encouraging me to move forward. He is able to give me valuable advice and guidance which have helped. We have worked through a number of exercises which have helped me to fully understand my likes and dislikes in the work environment.

Nick has an ability to cut through the pretence and pinpoint issues which you aren't aware of. By bringing it out into the open it can be discussed and build greater self-awareness. He uses insight, intuition and emotional intelligence to work with the client to develop a way forward.

I like working with Nick as he has an easy manner and is someone who can be trusted. I feel I can draw upon his skills and knowledge to help me and I have enjoyed working with him to develop a deeper understanding of myself. Even though I had great self-awareness there are things which we have discussed which have been put into perspective and I am now able to look at issues more realistically without self-blame.

Improving confidence

I started coaching to help build my confidence at interviews. We have discussed why I have confidence issues and how I can deal with that, and we have also worked through a number of exercises which I have found to be of enormous help.

Nick's strengths are his ability to listen carefully and understand your perspective. He brings to the table his own experience and support to help you meet your objectives. He is non-judgemental, caring and flexible. He has his own opinions which are very helpful in putting things into context."

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