Mary Stokes’ story


One of my clients, a Midwife in Suffolk, was pleased to share her story about her experience of being coached. I've included the questions that prompted her responses, to help you get a flavour of what the coaching is about.

What were your expectations about coaching when you first requested a coach?

I felt nervous because it was something new to me, but as I was actively seeking some help to make changes in my life I had high expectations of life coaching and hoped it would be beneficial.

I expected it to be challenging because if it was too easy it would probably mean I could have eventually reached the same conclusions on my own, and would therefore not actually need to request a life coach.

What has coaching helped you to change or achieve in your life and as a leader in your organisation?

Life Coaching has helped me to change personal relationships in my life. It has been more about this for me than much to do with my career; but it has definitely helped to shape the way I now approach and react to other individuals, which will also have a knock-on effect in my work.

How has coaching helped you in your wider quality of life?

Life Coaching at this point in my life has helped me to establish belief in myself. This means that I have more confidence in my own decisions and I am not afraid to stand on my own two feet. I have learnt that I am actually quite an OK person, and that I have views and desires that are valid, and that they deserve as much recognition as anyone else's.

It has helped me to look at my future and also to look back, using both viewpoints as a guide to what I want for myself in the next few years. Life Coaching has played a major part in changing the way I tackle issues involving other people. It has helped me to become less defensive and more empathic, which in turn has allowed me to feel more peaceful and fulfilled, rather than being at crossed-swords with the whole world. Life Coaching has enabled me to be HAPPIER!

Working with Nick continues to improve my self-esteem and therefore the quality of my life. I have decided to carry on with life-coaching for now, I feel sure I will know when the time has come for me to stop.

How will the organisation benefit from the career coaching you have received?

The team that I work with will benefit from the fact that I am happier, more settled and have greater self-belief. They have already seen that I am presenting myself confidently and I feel that I want to do a good job, for the personal satisfaction involved, rather than because I simply need to prove myself. I feel less of a need to prove anything - I almost believe "I'm worth it"!

Their reaction and feedback was overwhelmingly positive and I can honestly say that my Life Coaching sessions are helping me to grow personal and professional relationships to a new level.

What have you found most useful in our coaching sessions together?

I like the way you reflect my thoughts back to me. I often have to think things through a couple of times for them to sink in and the reflection gives me an extra chance to do this.

The life coaching also provides a comfortable place for me to go emotionally. I'm getting better at dealing with whatever life throws my way; but at present it feels reassuring to know that we can speak when I need it.

I also like the fact that you acknowledge my progress in gaining self belief. I've understood that my low self-esteem has deep roots based way back in my childhood, but you have made me realise that I can change that way of thinking. It hasn't even been as difficult as I expected, which is a bonus!

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