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Helping you find your way in relationships with relationship coaching

"The fundamental glue that holds any relationship together is trust."
Brian Tracy

What is it that we can do as individuals to get along better with others?

What skills are required to help people fulfil their potential, create successful teams, build stronger, more effective relationships and minimise the risk of conflict?

The truth is that we can all benefit from improving the way we manage our relationships both within our personal lives and where we work. In doing so we not only improve our interactions with others but learn more about what it is that we need to accomplish.

Why build effective relationships?

In society there are many reasons why we all need to build effective relationships: it's a fact that the health of people depends on what happens in organisations and what they do. Organisations can only function effectively with the co-operation of their members.

High-quality relationships make people happy no matter what the circumstances people find themselves in. It is only when your key relationships are working, that harmony is possible.

Career Discovery can support you in developing the relationships you want both at work and in your personal life.

Relationship coaching

Our Relationship Coaching can support your development in the three crucial skills which underpin all healthy relationships: self-awareness, self-control and building rapport.

Self-awareness gives you a sound understanding of your own needs, values and beliefs, which enables you to predict your own reactions.

Self-management is the ability to manage and regulate your own emotional state, which makes relationship-building easier.

Developing rapport is a skill that can be learned like any other, and which can be used to facilitate your relationship with anybody, in any setting.

A Relationship Coach focuses on building these specific skills:

  • Creating the relationships you desire
  • Effectively managing individuals, teams and groups
  • Building rapport, empathy and trust
  • Improving conflict handling and resolution
  • Overcoming perceived obstacles in relationships
  • Developing one's interpersonal intelligence
  • Creating trust and personal connectedness
  • Adjusting to the ending of a relationship
  • Developing that crucial self-regard and regard for others
  • Balancing emotional expression and control for better communication

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