Frances Tindall's story

External Affairs Executive for Horizon Nuclear Power

"I began working with Nick on the recommendation of a trusted acquaintance. At the time, despite being a psychology graduate, a professional woman currently working in the nuclear industry with 25 years of communications experience and a qualified life coach myself, I was stuck in a period of painful indecision and anxiety.

I trusted his insight, wisdom, knowledge and authentic intention

I have never met Nick, I've only ever spoken to him on the phone or by email. From the first conversation I felt listened to and heard at a very deep level. He picked up not only on what I was saying. But also what I wasn't saying and was preternaturally insightful about the emotions I was experiencing connected to what he was hearing. I don't like being vulnerable so this was powerful and could have been disturbing if it wasn't that Nick also made me feel very safe. I trusted his insight, wisdom, knowledge and authentic intention to be fully there for me in a way that I haven't with many people ever in my life. Except my brother who sadly died in a motorcycle accident 4 years ago.

On a practical note, he opened my eyes via You Tube recommendations to other people's stories that really resonated with me. This is a skill in itself. To know which clips contained the content that not only would hold my interest but also that I could learn from. In a way he guided me to do my own learning and reach my own conclusions.

I had been holding back from the world

Nick says I have made remarkable progress. And I can say that working with him has been mysteriously effortless. In fact I was disappointed, I thought I should be doing some seriously hard work on myself. I was ready to open up to change and needed a kick up the butt. However, Nick helped me to be more gentle with myself, to unlock something very deep that I wasn't even aware I had been holding back from the world. I didn't trust people to help, I didn't want people to see my vulnerability, I held tight to my independent survivor identity. Possibly one of my greatest strengths and it had become my biggest weakness. I had run out of healthy and productive ways to effect change by myself let alone allow myself any intimacy with others as friends, colleagues or more. In my inner world that would only lead to disappointment, pain and mess. My head felt messy enough as it was.

So what was the magic ingredient in our sessions together?

I have no idea. However, now 3 months later all I know is that I feel more myself than ever. I am using my positive strengths of honesty, loyalty and communication (which Id kept safe in a locked box) now daily and any transformation has been effortless.

My colleagues now want to meet me for coffee or lunch and find out what's changed. My boss has offered me 3 different progression opportunities (last year my role was made redundant and I am currently working on a 12 month maternity contract.) I receive daily validations and gratitude to and from old and new friends and family. I have never been so popular on Facebook or LinkedIn. I am going to buy a house and settle in Cheltenham. Previously I was too scared to commit to this. Who knows I might even get a dog and start dating again. I have been single for 8 years.

I have been trying to think of a suitable analogy to describe what working with Nick is like. This is the best I've come up with so far. Others included unravelling the Xmas tree lights and/or a tightly knotted ball.

I feel lighter and more alive than I've felt in a long time

If I liken my thoughts to a washing machine churning round and round and seemingly never reaching the end of the cycle. Within that wash are various socks and garments of assorted colours getting more and more tangled at every turn. Nick would spot a random sock, tug on it and slowly extract it. I would hang it out to dry and each time we had a session my load became less tangled, cleaner and fresher. Now it’s all hanging on the line in the sun for anyone to see, touch and smell. I feel lighter and more alive than I've felt in a long time. Not bad for a nearly 50 year old menopausal woman.

All I can say is thank you and I would recommend him with all my heart to anyone looking to sort out their life's spin cycle."

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