What my clients say about relationship coaching

Relationship coaching testimonials

"Working with Nick has been an absolute pleasure; his knowledge and experience are second to none. I’ve benefited so much from him over the years, both with his superb guidance and support with my career and my personal life. I would highly recommend Nick to anyone who’s looking for a coach to help them navigate life’s challenges."

Mark Crowther: Director, Soulful Creative

"Nick has the knack of getting right to the heart of an issue quickly. He is a master connector, able to create an environment of complete safety where you can show up as you are and feel 100% accepted and validated. His feedback is powerful and shifts years of outdated thinking. An exceptional coach."

Roslind Toynbee: Founder & Lead Coach, The Career Coach Company

"The biggest and most important help which coaching has given me is around relationships. That has been game-changing. It's helped me to become comfortable and confident in what I want and need from a relationship, in asking for it, in finding a way to show my vulnerability and lean on someone else, without feeling like I'm at risk of losing myself or making myself weak. I've already had one relationship where I tried putting that into practice. I feel like I'm now far far better equipped to develop and maintain a healthy, fulfilling long-term relationship. That's a huge shift for me, and feels like a major key to life."
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Naomi Honey: Management Consultant and Coach

"I can honestly say that my coaching sessions are helping me to grow personal and professional relationships to a new solid level."
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Mary Stokes: Midwife

"These sessions have been a real turning point. They've enabled me to sort out my work-life balance both physically and emotionally. They've been helpful in addressing relationship difficulties and increased my sense of awareness of others. I no longer feel that I have to be responsible for everything and help everyone - I don't have to be flavour of the month. I am making better choices, responses and decisions. I have been impressed with your openness, willingness and readiness to support me throughout the coaching"

Finance Director

"I had suffered from a challenging relationship with my line manager which had left me feeling bullied and harassed. Using coaching I was able to accelerate my recovery through using thinking and rehearsal techniques with my coach."

Senior Manager

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