What my clients say about coach mentoring & supervision

Coach mentoring & supervision testimonials

"I have worked with Nick on and off over the last 12 years, he has been invaluable in helping me to work out and navigate major career and life transitions. Nick is an exceptional coach and coach supervisor. He is deeply intuitive, incredibly human and has that special ability to be able to create an environment of complete safety and trust, which is fundamental to the relationship and the change that happens through coaching. I always enjoy conversations with Nick, I particularly value his humour, unstinting support and perspective."

Lorna Clarke: Executive & Leadership Coach

"I have had the good fortune of working with Nick over the past year as a coach/supervisor. Through Nicks' perceptive and intuitive questioning I have gained greater personal insight into my own motivations, actions and behaviours. This has led to greater clarity in decision making (sometimes surprising) in both my professional and personal life. I can recommend Nick highly as a coach, supervisor or mentor."

Jackie Trenavin

"Q: What image comes to your mind when you think of coaching? A: Clarity, motivation, support, being questioned and listened to so intently that I see all of my unique strengths and bust limiting beliefs. Priceless stuff I have been fortunate enough to experience through my wonderful coach Nick Harris, MCC Executive Coach. Thank you for your amazing support that has helped me to be more than I ever thought possible."

Joanna Lott

"I worked with Nick as part of my preparation to apply for ICF PCC credentialing. Nick was recommended to me as a coach mentor and I am so delighted to have been introduced to him as I experienced him as very inspiring and supportive. In the sessions I had with Nick he stretched me, acknowledged my talents and raised my awareness of my vulnerabilities and areas for development. He created a very safe space for me to learn and enabled me to grow as a coach and be able to serve my clients even better. Nick is an extremely skilled coach and coach mentor. I am grateful for his help in my development journey to becoming successfully ICF PCC credentialed."

Gill Burt

"I find our sessions so rich and energising, I'm often raring to take it onto action."

Rachel Jackson

"Nick is an excellent mentor coach. He has really helped me to improve my coaching style. He demonstrated a nice, positive and supportive presence. And I have learnt and practiced a lot... I went further than what I expected for myself."

Anne-Laure Marchyllie

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