Claire’s story

NHS Procurement Administrator

In what specific ways are you finding the way we are working together helpful?

I have welcomed the opportunity to have my thoughts and beliefs challenged so that I can better understand my own decision making process. I’ve learned that asking for what you want is an approach which let’s others know your position, both in work and family life.

What difference is it making to you and what changes has it enabled you to make?

Understanding myself better has helped me to discover my own worth and potential. I’ve been able to speak up both to my employer and family/friends, I’ve had the confidence to say no and to have difficult conversations which I would have previously avoided.

What has been the impact on your relationships?

The coaching has helped me to realise that my own boundaries are important instead of just giving in to others demands. This behaviour has previously contributed to the erosion of my own self worth. I now feel more able to have a conversation to talk through differences in opinion.

Can you highlight one or two critical moments which were particularly significant?

Learning past beliefs that my opinion doesn’t matter have been significant in holding me back from getting what I wanted in the past.
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What could we do differently to be even more effective?

I feel that I have focused more than I would have liked on my present managerial constraints although talking it through has helped enormously.

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